Tenzin sherpa | Camera

Tenzin is an award-winning cinematographer, based in Germany.
For his work, he traveled in 2018 more than 25.000 km. 
His main work is documentary and commercial. He works a lot abroad but the base is Munich. In 2018 he was featured by  Germany´s biggest film-community "Filmemacher Deutschland" as "Filmmaker of the Week".

"The most important things are story and emotions. I love to talk a lot with the director about the look and feel of the film.

Music is a very important thing for me, to get the feel of the film. For me, traveling is not only a part of the job, I love to explore foreign countries and meet new people from all over the world.

The look starts on set, not in post! 

It is a big fun to create the look of a film with a well considered lens and light selection together with the director".

Photography: Lena Gräf
Photography: Lena Gräf



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