"KaVO UNIQA" Keynote

It was a very special project for me, having the chance to work as a DP with three camera operators.

Our work is the keynote, the reveal of the "uniqa" and the film with the designer.

Prod. Year: 2021

Digital 6K 

Client: KaVo Dental | Prod. PikeMotion

Director & Concept: Patrick Hecht

DoP: Tenzin Sherpa

Operators: Steve R., Florian K., Yannick R.
1st AC: Yannick R.
Gaffer: Jörg Heinzmann

Sound: Norberg Bartl

Runner: Maja I.

DIT: Patrick H.

"Luc ackermann worlds first" freestyle motocross film

Another challenging project, working as a DP but not able to touch the main camera, which was up in the air, flown by the wonderful Paul. 

We've had 50 people on set, and filmed 3 "fist time ever" tricks by luc Ackermann, used 20 GoPros, 1 Red Monstro and one red Komodo on a race drone.

Prod. Year: 2021

Digital 4K 

Client: RedBull | Prod. Semicolon Digital

Dir. Phuong Herzer

DP: Tenzin Sherpa | FPV: Paul Kuhn | Add.Cam: Julian Becker

"Extreme interview" Liam Lawson

A project that was super fun to film. For that project we flew with two helicopters above the famous Nürburgring in Germany. We've had a wonderful cineflex and a nice sports-helicopter flown by no-one else but "Blacky Schwarz".

There is an Additional Projekt with Alex Albon.

Prod. Year: 2021

Digital 4K 

Client: RedBull | Prod. Semicolon Digital | Stefan Kleinalstede

Dir. Phuong Herzer

DP: Tenzin Sherpa 

"fashion reel"

Prod. Year: 2020/2021

Digital 4K & Kodak Analog Film

"Spring 2021" Fashionfilm - Arthur Arbesser

This project was my very first super-8-film project. We mixed film and digital footage to create a special look in a wonderful location in Milano / Italy.


Prod. Year: 2020

Digital 4K & Kodak Analog Film

Client: Arthur Arbesser

Dir. Andrej Jelic

DP: Tenzin S. 

REDBULL ALphatauri x telekom

A project to play with lights and colors for Alphatauri-Fashion at the "Eisbachstudios" in Munich. We've had a lot of fun, creating those shots with so talented models Linda & Jason.


Prod. Year: 2020

Client: Alphatauri

Dir. Andrej Jelic

DP: Tenzin S. 

24h with "tim stützle"


For this project we where 24h awake, documenting the journey of Tim and the "Adler Mannheim" to get drafted.

Prod. Year: 2020

Client: Magenta Sport

Dir. Markus Ochs

DP: Tenzin S. 

BMW M4 Coupe and M4 GT3

Prod. Year: 2020

Client: BMW | LG42

DP: Tenzin S. / René Berger

"If you don´t know" Dok.Fest Selection Trailer 2020

This was a very nice project, working with a lot of kids and see how they grow and develop. At the End we are so happy to say that our film got listet at the "Dok.Fest Munich" in 2020 and was nominated for the audience award.


Prod. Year: 2019

Client: Fitzroy Film

Dir. Julian Monatzeder

Slovenian Jellyfish

Prod. Year: 2019

Client: ServusTV

"ANGLER" - SpecSpot winner *Best film*

Prod. Year: 2018

Client: SpecSpot

Dir. Elias D. | DP: Tenzin S.

Mini-Doku Magenta Sport 1860 - FCB Amateure

Prod. Year: 2019

Client: Magenta Sport

DP: FCB II Falk S. | 1860: Tenzin S.

sasa´s journey

Prod. Year: 2019

Client: Picture Elements

Lens: Angenieux Optimo DP, Zeiss Compact Primes CP2

BOSE Specspot

Prod. Year: 2018

Client: SpecSpot

Dir. Elias Danner

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